Inspecting Your Materialized View

Here you can see the definition of your Materialized View, data samples of your view and experience the API query via the Api Playground.


In the Schema tab you will see your materialized view's definition as you created it.

Data Sample

In the Data Sample tab you will see a small sample of the data available in you r materialized view.

If you would like a larger sample of the data you can click Download Sample which will download a CSV sample file of the last 10,000 rows in the last hour of your materialized view.

API Playground

In the API Playground tab you can get the endpoint information to query your materialized view. Additionally, you can execute queries directly from the UI to experience the API and test your data.

To run a query:

  1. In the request text-box edit the value in the get parameter named key. For example, if you would like to query for the row with the key abc you would change the text like so:
  2. Click Send and you will see the result of the query in the Response text-box.
  3. If you don't have a particular key in mind you can click I'm Feeling Lucky and you will get a random row from your materialized view in the Response text-box.

For more advanced querying please see the Serving API documentation.

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