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    Cluster Actions

    • cluster:edit:cancel-roll - Cancel the next scheduled roll on the cluster
    • cluster:edit:change-name-and-description - Allow changing the name and description of a cluster
    • cluster:edit:change-size - Allow changing the size of a cluster
    • cluster:edit:create - Allow creating a new cluster
    • cluster:edit:delete - Allow deleting a cluster
    • cluster:edit:roll - Schedule a roll for the cluster
    • cluster:edit:set-replay-cluster-size - Allow setting the replay cluster size of a cluster
    • cluster:edit:set-server-type - Allow setting the server type of a cluster
    • cluster:edit:start - Allow starting a cluster
    • cluster:edit:stop - Allow stopping a cluster
    • cluster:edit:toggle-elastic-ips - Allow enabling or disabling the elastic ips of a cluster
    • cluster:edit:update - Allow updating the settings of a cluster
    • cluster:view:describe - Allow viewing the cluster
    • cluster:view:list - Allow listing all instances of clusters