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    Aggregating Data

    If during the creation of you output you selected that you would like to aggregate your data, the Schema tab described in Configuring Schema And Filters will be slightly different and will allow you to aggregate your data before it's exported.

    Key Columns and Aggregations

    To aggregate your data you must select the key columns from your data which will be used to group your data. Each unique combination of values for your selected key columns will create it's own grouping. Note: missing key values will create a new grouping with an empty value for that key.

    Once you have selected your key columns you can add Aggregations, these will define how and what data to export for each key grouping.

    Adding Key Columns

    1. Click Add Key Column.
    2. Select the field you would like as a key column, or add a new Calculated Field to act as a key column.
    3. Click Select to add the key column.

    Adding Aggreagations

    1. Click Add Aggregation.
    2. Select one of the aggregation functions.
    3. Based on the function you selected you can fill in the input field/s for that function. You can see and example of how this function will aggregate data on the right hand side of the screen.
    4. Once configured and named, click Add to add this aggregation to your output.

    Deleting Key Columns or Aggregations

    1. Click the "Trash Can" icon next to any key column or aggregation to remove it from this output.