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    Materialized Views

    What are materialized views

    Materialized view is a database object, built to physically store the results of a query for fast retrieval.

    What are Upsolver materialized views

    Upsolver materialized view is similar to a database materialized view except it stores the results of a Continuous Query instead of a regular database query.

    Upsolver materialized view is:

    • Composed of key columns and aggregations on sliding windows and session windows.
    • Always up-to-date - every incoming event updates the materialized views' result.
    • Query-able via API in milliseconds.

    What is it good for

    • Real-time aggregations - an Upsolver materialized view replaces ETL code and a serving DB like Redis or Cassandra.
    • Join between streams - by querying a materialized view, it's possible to enrich one stream with data from another stream. You can read more at Materialized View Lookup.

    How does it work

    Upsolver Materialized Views are built using map-reduce jobs on S3 and a real-time engine (Lambda Architecture).

    Upsolver implemented proprietary compression for streaming data aggregations, reaching over 90% reduction in RAM use.

    For example - Upsolver stores 500M users with 30 key columns in-memory using only 16GB of RAM.