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    Amazon Redshift Connection

    This connection is used to send and/or read data from Amazon Redshift.

    Creating an Amazon Redshift Connection

    When you click "Create new Redshift connection" from the Connection drop down menu during the Redshift Output Creation wizard. You will see the following page:

    Redshift Connection Creation Page

    Fill in the fields as follows:

    1. In the Connection String field enter the JDBC connection string to your Redshift cluster. This connection string is available in your AWS console under the properties tab for your cluster. For example:
      JDBC Example
    2. In the User Name field enter the name of the user in the DB you would like Upsolver to connect with. If you do not yet have such a user follow Amazon's documentation to create one. Also, please ensure this user has at least SELECT and INSERT permissions for the tables you would like Upsolver to write to. You can follow this guide to grant permissions.
    3. In the Password field enter the password for the user you entered in step 2.
    4. In the Name field provide a name for this connection.
    5. If you would like you can enter a description for this connection in the Description field.
    6. Once done click Create.

    Viewing your existing connections

    To view you existing connections select the Connections button from the drop down menu on the top right of the screen:
    View Connections